Cars 3

Nate hallinan cars three xlg

Being the teaser, this piece was very early in the campaign. Was responsible for painting over very rough models; had to paint underside of car nearly from scratch, the scrapes, debris, sparks, etc. A lot of the track too.

Nate hallinan cars three ver2

Painted a lot of the environment/ water. Also painted a lot of the car to fit into the environment and warp it to fit the extreme angle.

Nate hallinan cars three ver3 xlg

Painted a lot of the environment/water and various parts of the vehicles to fit the scene.

Nate hallinan cars three ver8 xxlg

Mostly worked on the road and various parts of the background.

Nate hallinan cars three ver4

I was part of the art team at Daniel Clark Creative that worked on the promotional campaign for this Film. I wasn't solely responsible any one of these images, it was very much a team effort.

June 21, 2018