Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Nate hallinan star wars episode vii the force awakens ver3 xxlg

Film Poster: Masking, positioning, re-lighting characters. Provided various expressions for Han and Leia and added Maz.

Nate hallinan avc imax sun 1s v1 4 web

IMAX Poster: Almost completely repainted and built BB8. Painted blowing sand parts of the landscape.

Nate hallinan avc red bb v6 1 web

Kylo Ren Billboard: Painted the lightsaber light hitting Kylo Ren and blowing snow in background.

Nate hallinan avc white bb v1 1 web

Rey Billboard: Some character clean-up and background smoke.

Nate hallinan avc blue bb v2 1alt web

Finn Billboard: Lighting on Finn, painted smoke and the fire embers in background.

I was part of the art team at Daniel Clark Creative that worked on the promotional campaign for this Film. I wasn't solely responsible any one of these images, IT WAS VERY MUCH A TEAM EFFORT. I did character painting (lighting, re-building, detailing & clean-up), background painting and VFX.

September 14, 2016