Lady Grey

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The Order of X - Lady Grey

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The Order of X - Lady Grey rough concepts

Phoenix – Lady Jean Grey

Jean comes from the noble family of Grey. She was a bit of a tomboy growing up. Her parents despised and discouraged her unladylike behavior, but once she developed unnatural abilities, her family feared the worse. Lord Xavier offered her parents an opportunity to provide her with guidance and protection; they reluctantly accepted.

Phoenix is a name that the Lady Grey eventually earned in battle. With Jean’s telepathic and telekinetic abilities, she became formidable archer. Flying further and surer than anyone else’s, her arrows never miss their target. When they are lit afire; they burn brighter and some say they are guided by a phoenix. It didn’t help that her hair was also a fiery red.

(Personal notes) Jean Grey always seemed like a weak second-hand member of the x-men. (Until she turned into the Phoenix of course.) I liked the idea of making her a stronger character. Xavier saw the potential in her ability and combined it with archery and other weaponry. With Scott’s visual disability, he would depend on her aid.

September 9, 2014