The Order of X – Wolve’rune

Wolve’rune – Loghand
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Loghand isn’t just another disgruntled dwarf, unlike other dwarves he has the ability to heal quickly. He earned his surname Wolve’rüne with his fierce temperament and his odd ability to return from battles unscathed. The name roughly translates from dwarvish as the ‘The Stone Wolf.’ Stone and earth being long lasting and enduring, while wolves being ferocious ill tempered beasts; thus the name Wolve’rüne.

Dwarves have been known to modify their bodies for battle. Their thick bones are large enough to drill into and attach metal objects like spikes into bones for a fierce punch or a devastating headbutt. Wolve’rüne’s modifications are by far the most extensive anyone has ever seen. Adamithrilium, a very rare and durable metal, covers his skeleton and make up the retractable claws in his hands.

Wolve’rüne’s past is a mystery for he doesn’t even completely remember it. His earliest memory was being dug out from a cave-in by his dwarf clan. Emerging with no injuries and having an already suspiciously long life, the dwarves feared he was either cursed or meddling in the dark arts. Due to strict dwarven law against dark magic he was severely judged and exiled. Refusing to speak to him in any manner, they mercifully only told him his name.

(Personal notes) Making Wolverine a dwarf just seemed so fitting especially with his famous demeanor and already being short in the comics. In fact, he was the first character I thought of and it inspired the rest of the series. Yes, his name is ridiculous but Dwarves often have such literal or obscure names. His crazy hair and costume also plays well to popular dwarf iconography. Since he doesn’t have much need for armor, I designed what little he does wear to be more tactically offensive in nature.

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