The Order of X – Stormbringer

Stormbringer – Ororo
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As a young adult, Xavier encountered Ororo as a child on one of his quests. Making their way through a village, his caravan was struck by mysterious windstorm. Xavier sensed her intentions as she approached and caught her trying to steal a coin purse. He saw her potential and offered her a home where she would never have to steal again. Henrick McCoy took her in as one of his apprentices.

Ororo eventually developed the powerful ability to manipulate all types of weather. For obvious reasons, she gained the name Stormbringer. Some presume that she is a witch from a distant land yet Lord Xavier considers Ororo as one of his most trusted counselors.

(Personal Notes) I really liked playing up the idea of a priestess, druid or white robed witch for Storm in this type of genre. The contrast of looking feminine or unfit for battle yet being extremely powerful. I really love characters that hide their potential.

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