The Order of X – Cyclops

Cyclops – Scott Summers
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Scott and his brother were both orphans who grew up surviving on the streets. As a youngster, Scott’s ability manifested destroying several buildings which set fire to half a village. In the chaos of everything Scott lost sight his brother and couldn’t open his eye without causing more destruction. Aware of the trouble, Lord Xavier quickly dispatched members of The Order to rescue Scott. Scott still holds hope that his brother survived and one day they will reunite.

Scott has the ability to emit a destructive force from his eyes. Out of necessity, he has learned to live without sight. He adorns a protective blind which restrains his eyes from opening unless needed. This peculiar metal guard covering his eyes at all times has lead to interesting rumors of him actually being a cyclops with a magical destructive eye. False as this may be, he enjoys the name Cyclops; striking a little in fear and uncertainty in his adversaries. Why else would people fear this blind man?

(Personal notes) Cyclops was a challenge for me. It just didn’t seem that plausible they would have the ability to fashion a functional visor for him in a setting like this. It’s not impossible, but why not mix things up bit? How would it change things if he was blind for the most part? His necessity for assistance would open a door for Jean and him to grow closer. His disability could also become a strength, focusing on his other senses as well as patience; becoming like a ‘blind-wise’ leader. Having grown up on the streets and then in comfort of Lord Xavier’s generosity would also give him open minded perspective for generosity and justice.

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