The Order of X – Colossus

Colossus – Peter Rasputin
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The mountain of metal; Colossus. Interestingly, Peter’s father was a blacksmith and taught his son the family trade. Hard labor made Peter strong but he was always larger than the other kids. His size and strength made people uneasy which only gave fuel to rumors that he was ‘unnatural.’ Peter discovered the extent of his abilities when his little sister was trapped under a huge cart. Without thinking he rushed over and threw the huge cart and all its contents off his sister. Confused as to why no one was helping and staring at him, he didn’t notice his physical transformation at first. His already massive body had become even larger and covered in something resembling metal. The villagers, witnessing his transformation, became agitated and eventually formed a mob. Assuming Peter must be some sort of monster, the peasants came after Peter and his family and drove them out town. After a long journey the Rasputin family found refuge in the land protected by Lord Xavier.

(Personal notes) First and foremost, I didn’t want Colossus to have the perfectly sculpted bodybuilder look he typically has in the comics. He needed to have a body that was earned from hard labor much like you see from strongmen competitions. Colossus is his name is after all, so I wanted him to be not only mountainous in muscle but very thick as well. I felt he would also be more intimidating with a dark grungy iron exterior; giving him a rough, natural look. (Chrome is just too bright a shiny and 80s-ish, plus it’s already been done.)

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