The Order of X – Lord Xavier

Lord Charles Xavier
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The lord and founder of The Order of X. Far and wide Charles is known for his virtue, honor and fairness among his subjects. He never really wanted to rule, but when his father passed he took it with good grace. At a young age he developed the abilities to read and influence human minds. It has allowed him to empathize with everyone around him. He formed The Order because he saw and felt the injustice happening to the ‘gifted’ people. Understanding his role, he felt that it was his noble duty to protect these individuals.

Tragically, Charles was severely wounded in an encounter with a black dragon as a young adult. Before the dragon could kill Xavier and his convoy, Xavier forced his mind onto the Dragon’s. Not only did this stop the dragon, but Xavier was able to tame it. This was the first time in history a man was able to gain obedience over a dragon.

(Personal notes)
Patrick Stewart has played kings in other roles and did an amazing job portraying of Professor X; what better fit for this reinterpretation? (I enjoy James McAvoy portrayal too, but I did these images before he was even cast as Professor X.) You might have guessed but the black dragon is the re-imagination of the Blackbird jet. It would be pretty crazy to see members of the team ride in on a dragon. I also had fun playing with the combination of a throne and a wheelchair; it became a character in itself. The words engraved into the back are Mutatis Mutandis. (The alma mater of Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters.)

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