The Order of X


I suppose its as good as any to start showing what I’ve been working on in my free time.

The Order of X

A group of ‘gifted’ individuals in the service of Lord Charles Xavier. The Order provides sanctuary and protection to individuals outcast by society due to their innate abnormalities. These people are often miss-labeled as monsters, demons, warlocks and witches. Only those who are accepting of the ‘gifted’ are welcome to the realm of Lord Xavier.

This is a personal fan-fiction variation on the X-Men. I thought it would be a fun exercise to do the X-Men in an alternate medieval/fantasy reality. Prejudice and discrimination were rampant in our history. Being a darker and less civilized time, fear and hatred ran deeper making it an interesting setting for the X-Men. The quest to protect and defend the ‘gifted’ would be near insurmountable.

Check out the character explorations here.

– Nate

Welcome to my New Website!

I felt it was time to finally update my website. The plan was to make it prettier and more accessible for smartphones and tablets too. If you  look through my gallery you’ll see that there’ a lot more images that weren’t in there before. WordPress made it much easier to organize project images. I’m new to this blog stuff, but i’ll try my best to make it decent. I have a new personal project in the works so make sure to check back soon!

P.S. There are bound to be glitches and errors with a new website, so let me know if there are any issues. I’ll give it my best shot to try and fix it.

Thanks for checking it out!

– Nate