I’m a Concept Artist who has worked in film, commercials, video games and a variety of other media. I began my career in 2007 and never looked back. I primarily do concept art, having held both lead and senior positions, but I also provide key art, matte painting and art direction services. I have experience working in-house for several game and commercial studios, but I currently and keep busy as a contract/freelance artist. Please feel free to check out my portfolio. To see a full list of my work history download my RESUME HERE or check out my IMDb page to see my filmography.

– Concept Art
– Matte Painting
– Key Art
– Illustration
– Keyframe/Pre-Vis Art
– Art Direction

Sommer Daves

Artist Development / Digital-Tutors

Nate was fantastic to work with. He created an amazing tutorial for Digital-Tutors: Creative Development Series and hit the milestone views in record time. He is a smart and talented artist. We are lucky to have him as an Instructor and our viewers are lucky to learn from him. I look forward to working with him in the future. Great Job Nate!

Paul Culp

Studio Director / Supergenius Studio

Nate is one of those rare breeds of Concept Artist that knows how to communicate visually for a 3D Artist to understand and utilize, better than anyone else I have worked with. His technique is clean, meticulous and imaginative. Nate’s visual style has become a staple of SuperGenius and something that our clients come to us specifically for. I hope to be working with Nate for a long time.

Greg Savoia

Senior Producer / VP of Production / Supergenius Studio

Nate is an amazing artist. His ability to paint a beautifully rendered landscape and then a cartoony character concept, followed by an highly imaginative architectural design–all in the same day–is incredible to watch. Nate loves what he does and it shows in his work. He has a very professional yet easy-going work ethic, and I always know that whatever he is working on is not only going to make us shine but is also going to inspire the rest of the team to greatness.